Advanced Calculators for Mobile Devices

MathU RPN and MathU 12D Calculators for iPhone

Calculators for iPhone

  • MathU RPN icon MathU™ RPN 2.2.2 Advanced RPN Scientific and Financial Calculator for iPhone and iPod touch.

    Available on the MathU RPN available on the App Store

  • MathU 12D icon MathU™ 12D v1.3.1 Advanced Financial Calculator for iPhone and iPod touch in the spirit of the HP-12C.

    Available on the MathU 12D available on the App Store

MathU RPN Calculator for Windows Mobile

Calculators for Windows Mobile 6

  • MathU Pro™ 4.2.0 Programmable RPN Calculator for Windows Mobile

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Our goal is to build calculators that help you tap into the numeric power of your mobile device. We do that by combining together thoughtful design, attention to detail and precision engineering to produce a line of exceptional calculators for your handheld device.

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