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Creative Creek was founded in 1999 by Dr. Clay M. Thompson to develop and market the MathU calculator for Palm OS. Since then, Creative Creek and Dr. Thompson have created a series of professional calculators for mobile devices like the iPhone, Palm and Windows Mobile. Creative Creek has also created several custom applications for their clients.

The calculators are sold via the Creative Creek (creativecreek.com) web site and through several resellers (like the Apple AppStore, Handango, PalmGear, PocketGear and through Palm directly).

The consulting and custom development division of Creative Creek was moved to Mathematical Engineering (mathengineering.com) in 2009. Mathematical Engineering specializes in MATLAB consulting as well as custom software development for Palm OS, iPhone and Windows Mobile. Dr. Thompson is active with both divisions.


Dr. Clay M. Thompson Clay M. Thompson has been doing software development since 1984. Trained as engineer, he has frequently found it necessary to create the tools needed to solve his engineering problems.

"Programming has always been a passion for me even though it has not always been my main job", said Thompson in a recent interview. "My love for programming was first discovered when I received a HP-67 programmable calculator while in high school. MathU Pro is in many ways modeled after that calculator and the other Hewlett-Packard calculators I have enjoyed over the years." An especially conscientious developer, Thompson does extensive testing of his applications before releasing them. He is constantly striving to improve his products. Creating well crafted products is Thompson's passion.

Before founding Creative Creek, LLC, Thompson worked at The MathWorks, Inc. where he authored the Control Toolbox 3.0 upgrade, Image Processing Toolbox 1.0, and oversaw the MATLAB language as the chief language designer for MATLAB 5.0. "I learned a lot about numerical programming while at The MathWorks."

Thompson now develops full time. He splits his time between creating new products, adding new features and software consulting. Four of his products MathU, MathU Pro, RootM and One Plus One are calculators for iPhone, Palm OS and Windows Mobile based handheld computers. A fifth product, PocketFly for Palm OS is an electronic airline timetable that can be downloaded for free from United Airlines, American Airlines, Lufthansa and the Star Alliance as well as many other airlines.

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