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Our principal, Dr. Clay Thompson, is a MATLAB expert. Dr. Thompson knows MATLAB inside and out and is one of the world's foremost MATLAB programmers.

Dr. Clay M. ThompsonDr. Thompson worked at The MathWorks, Inc. (the makers of MATLAB) for 9 years developing toolboxes and writing m-files. He was the lead language designer for MATLAB 5.0 (the version of MATLAB that introduced multi-dimensional arrays, cell arrays, and MATLAB objects). In 1999, Dr. Thompson left The MathWorks to form Creative Creek, LLC, the maker of the popular MathU Pro™ calculator for Palm OS handheld computers.

Over the years, Dr. Thompson has written thousands of m-files and MEX files. If you use MATLAB, you have probably used many of the m- or mex-files he created. He's the author of the MathWorks' Image Processing Toolbox and a co-author of the Control Toolbox as well as many of the functions in the MATLAB toolbox itself.

Dr. Thompson knows the secrets behind MATLAB, and knows how to take advantage of them to produce optimized m-files that run many times faster than a straightforward implementation.

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Thompson can help you:

  • Create a custom application using MATLAB
  • Develop or implement an algorithm in MATLAB.
  • Optimize your m-files so that they run faster and use less memory.
  • Use MATLAB and MATLAB toolboxes more productively.
  • Perform data analysis and visualization.
  • Create specialized graphs using Handle Graphics®
  • Create MATLAB GUI's so you can visually interact with your data.
  • Interface MATLAB to existing legacy C/C++ or FORTRAN code.
  • Deploy MATLAB algorithms outside of MATLAB.
  • Create special data import functions to read your data formats.
  • Solve problems using MATLAB.

Solving Problems using MATLAB

Our goal is to make you more productive using MATLAB. Either by developing or implementing solutions for you or by showing you how to use MATLAB more effectively, we help you get the most out of MATLAB. For more information or to discuss how we can help you, contact us at

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2188 Lowell Point Road
Camano Island, WA 98282 USA

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