Welcome to the

MathU Pro™ 4.2

for Windows Mobile


IMPORTANT: If you do not see any images and are running Windows XP you need to extract the files from the .zip archive before viewing. Open the .zip file and select "Extract All Files".

The Documentation

The MathU Pro documentation is available as three HTML-based manuals:

1) The MathU Pro Users Guide

The users guide contains information on how to use MathU Pro. It describes how to use the features of MathU Pro including the program editor. This is also where you will find information about the differences between previous versions of MathU Pro and MathU Pro 4.2.

2) The MathU Pro Programming and Function Reference

The programming and function reference contains detailed descriptions of the functions and program steps available on MathU Pro.

3) The MathU Pro Solver Guide

Contacting Creative Creek

See the Creative Creek, LLC web site for up-to-date information about MathU Pro. If you have questions, suggestions, bug reports, or you just want to tell us how you much you like MathU Pro you can contact us at or on the web at http://www.creativecreek.com.


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