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MathU™ 12D v1.3.1

Advanced Financial Calculator for iPhone

MathU™ 12D is software that turns your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) financial calculator made behave exactly like and surpass the classic HP-12C. The software has a natural calculator interface that allows you to easily access its many financial functions.

MathU 12D available on the App Store

MathU 12D is available exclusively via Apple's App Store. Now available for $5.99 USD.

When you click the App Store icon or the link above, the App Store will automatically open within iTunes 8 or higher. If this does not work, open the App Store on your iPhone or iPod touch and search for "MathU 12D".

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MathU 12D screen shot

General Features

  • Natural calculator interface that matches the layout of the HP-12C
  • IEEE Double precision accuracy (about 16 digits)
  • 4 element stack
  • 38 key keyboard (3 functions per key)
  • 16 digit display with SCI, FIX, and ENG formats. Exponents from -308 to 308.
  • Status indicators for shift state, compounding mode, and financial annuity mode.
  • Preferences to set the number of digits, display format, date format
  • One or two line stack display
  • Up to 99 program steps
  • Multitasking and high resolution support for iOS 4


  • 4 element stack
  • 20 global registers (directly accessible via the keyboard)
  • 5 dedicated financial registers
  • stack and register functions: clear reg, clear fin, clx, x<>y, LST X,

Scientific Functions

  • LN, ex, yx, √x, 1/x

Financial Functions

  • n (number of periods)
  • i (percent interest per period)
  • PMT (payment per period)
  • PV (present value)
  • FV (future value)
  • IRR (internal rate of return)
  • NPV (net present value)
  • 12×, 12÷ (annualized period and interest entry)
  • Cf0, Cfj, Nj (Cashflow entry)
  • AMORT (amortization table)
  • DATE (date in the future and day of week)
  • ΔDYS (days between dates)
  • clear fin (clear financial registers)
  • Annuity preference (toggle between payments due at the beginning of the period and payments due at the end of the period)
  • Set date format (M.DY or D.MY)
  • PRICE (bond price) and YTM (bond yield)
  • SL, SOYD, DB (depreciation)

Statistics Functions

  • Σ+ (accumulate statistics)
  • Σ- (remove data from statistics)
  • mean, std
  • x,r,  y,r (linear regression)
  • %, % change, N! (factorial and Gamma function)
  • clear Σ (clear statistics registers)
  • x,r and y,r (linear regression estimates)
  • x,w (weighted mean)
  • n! (factorial and gamma function)

Programming Functions

  • P/R (toggle program editor)
  • R/S (run/stop program)
  • SST and BST (single and back step)
  • GTO (go to line in program)
  • PSE (pause within program)
  • MEM (memory use)
  • x≤y and x=0 (conditional branch steps)


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