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MathU™ RPN 2.2 Reviews

Advanced RPN Scientific and Financial Calculator for iPhone

MathU™ RPN is software that turns your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) scientific and financial calculator. The software has a natural calculator interface that allows you to easily access the many scientific functions as well as mortgage and loan functions. more info...

MathU RPN available on the App Store

MathU RPN is available exclusively via Apple's App Store. It is currently available for $19.99 USD.

When you click the App Store icon or the link above, the App Store will automatically open within iTunes 8 or higher. If this does not work, open the App Store on your iPhone or iPod touch and search for "MathU".

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MathU RPN Reviews/Testimonials

Overall Ratings for MathU RPN 3-1/2 stars on Apple's App Store

Fast, Functional, Easy to Use 5 stars
by JLBiv - Version 1.2 - Nov 22, 2008

An excellent port to the iPhone of a full feature RPN calculator with great support. Large 3D keys with clear graphics and all the available functions displayed at all times makes this very easy to use. Startup is fast and the keyboard is responsive. The landscape layout keeps critical keys in the same relative position and makes efficient use of the screen.

I'm another long time MathU user on the PalmOS & WIndows Mobile platforms and was delighted to see this hit the App Store. Glad to have it on my home page.

Mechanical Engineer, PE fourc stars
by Tom the ME with a PE - Version 1.2 - Feb 28, 2009

Awesome calculator (better interface than 42 and faster), but to be the best needs conversions and constants. With this enhancement, will surpass the other calcs out there!

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