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The Mortgage Program Add-on for MathU Pro™ turns your Palm OS or Pocket PC device into an easy to use mortgage and loan calculator. Add this program to MathU Pro to determine payments, when to refinance, amortization tables, compute effective APR and more. Handles balloon payments, Canadian-style mortgages, first and second mortgages. Works with both the Palm OS and Pocket PC versions of MathU Pro.

Mortgage Program Add-on 1.2 $5.00
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With the Mortgage Program you can

  • Compute mortgage payments and other information such as interest rate principal, or number of payments. Perform what-if analysis -- change one of these and compute another.
  • Compare two loans
  • Handle balloon payments
  • Handle Canadian-style mortgages
  • Determine how much of the payment is interest vs. principal (amortization table).
  • Determine the effective annual interest rate for loans taking into account points and fees you must pay
  • Determine the combined interest rate for two loans
  • Determine the payback period for a refinance
  • Compute the effective interest rate for a given number of compounding periods.

The Mortgage Program's functions also help you compute and understand auto loans, leases, and other time-value-of-money situations. The Mortgage Program builds on the TVM functions within MathU Pro to create for you an easy to use mortgage calculator, loan calculator, time value of money calculator, or real estate calculator.

System Requirements

The Mortgage Program requires MathU Pro 2.3 or higher. You must purchase both a MathU Pro registration code and a Mortgage Program registration code.

The Mortgage Program works with both the Palm OS and Pocket PC versions of MathU Pro.

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