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MathU Reviews/Testimonials

Overall Ratings for MathU:
Palm Gear Handango

MathU Reviews posted to PalmGear:

31-Dec-03 by Michael Chan
This is the definitive Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator. The author must have owned a Hewlett Packard RPN calculator because the resemblance of look and virtual feel (I can't just say feel, can I?) is uncanny.
Well done.

17-Sep-03 by Robert Iversen
I have completely replaced my PDA calculator with this one. This is a much have if you like Reverse Polish Notation. Because I used my HP 11C all through high school and college, this was no brainer. Great App!

  27-Mar-02 by Thomas Rodke
This is a most excellent program as it brings salvation to the die-hard HP/RPN calculator user who abhors the algebraic system of calculator operation. Reverse Polish Notation or the stack method is so much better. It doesn't take that much to learn it and the rewards far outweigh any extra "learning time". Show me an algebraic calculator that allows you to undo a mistaken operation and I will retract this praise for RPN.

  03-Feb-01 by J NS
My first calculator when I was a kid was an HP, and I've been hooked on RPN ever since. I remapped my calculator button on the Palm to MathU. The basic calculator that comes with the Palm is a joke. MathU may not duplicate every function on the HPs, but I agree with another reviewer who said the best calculator is the one you have with you!

  31-Oct-00 by Kevin Woo
It is a good attempt to duplicate old HP RPN calculators (12C, 15C, etc.) While it does a decent job in emulating HP calculators, it doesn't replace HP financial calculator lines (12c, 17BII, 19BII), since important financial buttons such as PV and PMT are shared with numeric buttons!

I used to carry an HP12C in my coat pocket, but no more. Now my palm pilot has all the same functionality. If you prefer the ease of use of a RPN calculator, this is for you. This is perhaps one of my most used applications.

20-Jan-00 by Tudor Johnston
Adding MathU to my Palm meant that I could consider giving away my faithful HP 42S. (RPN forever!) However, although I've not programmed the HP in years, I might still need complex variables sometime again, so I'll keep the HP a while yet.) I'd already tossed my Casio SF-5780 organizer, so for daily use I've replaced two items which were each more bulky than the Palm by one smaller one. Ordering, downloading were painless. Only complaint so far, was that it was a puzzle guessing the buttons that weren't on the HP 42S, in particular the superscript (f) row N, i, PMT, PV, FV. All are now clear except for PMT (PayMenT, one presumes, but of what?). Using the stylus is pretty close to being as convenient as one finger on the HP. ALL IN ALL, AN EXCELLENT PRODUCT!

19-Nov-99 by Shawn Googins
Great Product as well as product support. Not only does this perform like my RPN HP Calculator, but the company contacted me to let me know a free update was available and sent my product registration code (so I didn't have to hunt it down)!! Thanks.

18-Nov-99 by Celso G. Russo
MathU is, with no doubts, the most useful program I've loaded in my Palm. The new feature (white buttons) is a significant improvement, because is there some places where the traditional black ones get difficult to read. Thanks to it, I retired my old friend HP41CV, that I only used to make financial calculations.

17-Nov-99 by David Harrison
As a Reverse Polish Notation bigot of long standing, HP calculators absolutely rule for me. MathU is an excellent RPN calculator, with all the features that I expect and no discovered bugs. I have a real HP calculator on my desk, which I always use in preference to MathU when I am at my desk. The preference is totally because the buttons on the real calculator are easier for me to manipulate than the soft buttons/stylus alternatives available on the Palm. That one flaw, which is certainly not MathU's fault, is the only reason why I didn't rate the product as "excellent." Since I always carry my Palm, having a great calculator included is a win for me.

17-Nov-99 by Patrick Fernet
I was a heavy user of HP calculators in my engineering University days. I liked them because I could perform complex calculations in a logical way. MathU "feels" and works exactly the same way. Even the buttons look the same!

17-Nov-99 by Brian Plikaytis
My apologies to Russ Webb, but I just replaced his version of an RPN calculator with this one. This has much more of the look and feel of my old HP. Very nice - those vested in RPN will enjoy this program.

29-Jun-99 by Stephen Borchert
Those of us who are accustomed to a palm-sized RPN calculator made by HP will feel right at home with this scientific/programmer/financial calculator. The very thoughtfully organized buttons on the keypad allow the functions to be easily accessed without being confusing. First rate!!

MathU Reviews posted to Handango:

12-Dec-03 A must for RPN Aficionado's Jim Welsh from Corbin, KY
I have owned a PDS for several years and have been looking for a calculator program to replace my HP. By far this one is the best that I have come across.

10-Jun-03 3.5 stars A reviewer from San Francisco, California
Great emulator of traditional HP calculator. I only wish there was more room at the top to show six or so numbers in a list, like my HP 48G+ that just bit the dust. Otherwise an adequate RPN calculator.

24-Mar-03 RPN Calculator enthusiasts, get this software! James Moon from Tampa, Florida
I am a very harsh critic when it comes to using HP Calculator emulators. This little gem is the best I've seen on any platform. I have seamlessly integrated this calculator into my calculation chores, and no longer automatically reach for one of my real HP calculators. I love this will too. It is a bargain at any price. Get it now before the author gets greedy! :)

9-Sep-03 Perfect for Engineers on the go. A reviewer from Silverdale, WA, September 9, 2000
I bought my first HP calculator in 1980, and almost immediately lost the ability to work algebraic calculators without repeatedly entering the data and trying to remember to press the = button. This app is perfect for engineers who need to consolidate their data storage, while maintaining a handy calculator for those 'back-of-the-napkin' estimates at lunch or in the field. It's worth every penny.

31-Dec-99 Does just what I want it to. Dennis Schuchman from Randolph, NJ
When I entered the computer business in 1980, I needed a calculator to do hexadecimal arithmetic. So I did what everyone else did back then -- I bought a TI Programmer. And I found out what everyone else did back then -- TI Programmers had keyboards that went south in a year or two. The only viable alternative was the HP-16C (which I still own and still works, BTW). I was dubious about having to learn that RPN stuff, but once I got the hang of it, I was addicted. When I wanted a calculator with more capability than the 16C, I added an HP-42S RPN Scientific. Which brings me to my Palm organizer. The included calculator was pretty lame and I didn't want to have to carry the Palm AND a calculator, so I went looking for something like my HP's. Well, MathU is it. If you've used an HP RPN scientific calculator, you'll feel right at home with MathU -- it's got the same look-and-feel and comparable capabilities. Using it was second nature after about 5 minutes and it does about 99% of anything I ever do with a calculator, including TVM calculations. It's not programmable (it's big brother MathU Pro is), but with desktop and laptop computers, I haven't had to program a calculator in years. MathU works the way I want it to and puts the functions I need right at my fingertips. A very nice piece of programming.

MathU Customer Testimonials:

John K. DeVos, Project Engineer
I really like the program. As an HP15C user since ../1985 who now has frequent need for hexadecimal, I was thrilled to find it and even more thrilled to find it done so well. Worth every penny." -

John Towriss, Cranfield University, UK
As a fan of RPN all I can say is that MathU is brilliant. I am a university lecturer here at Cranfield University and MathU does everything that I need in terms of calculation before I move on to Excel." -

Thaddeus Hyde
I love the MathU software. It's just like the HP-15C calculator I had in college. 

Matthew Eash
WOW! Beautiful screens! Your app was the key reason I originally started using a Palm OS device -- the Palm replaced my HP calculator in my pocket, more power, same space. I have a Clie now -- and I'm one very happy user of MathU. It rocks! Thanks!

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