"I have owned MathU Pro for several years and wish to tell you that I am extremely pleased with it. I use it every day of the week both at home and at work. I tried several other calculators before I found this one and none could come close to the features and reliability." - Thomas H. Belstler

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MathU Pro Proogrammable RPN Calculator

MathU Pro™ 4.2 Downloads

Programmable RPN Calculator for Palm OS

Download a free trial of the MathU Pro programmable RPN calculator for Palm OS. Replace the built-in Palm OS calculator with an advanced scientific and mortgage calculator designed in the spirit of classic HP calculators.

MathU Pro 4.2.5 $44.95
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MathU Pro 4.2 for Palm OS

Description Version Installer File Download Size
MathU Pro 4.2 for Palm OS 4.2.5 All mathupro.zip Download 212 K
MathU Pro 4.2 for Palm OS 4.2.5 Palm OS MathUProSetup.prc Download 180 K
MathU Pro 4.2 for Palm OS (Tungsten T3 version) 4.2.5 Palm OS MathUProSetupT3.prc Download 216 K
MathU Pro 4.2 Documentation 4.2 All mathuprodoc.zip Download 261 K

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