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"The principals in our firm are fond of HP scientific calculators and we feel you continue in the spirit of their approach in the HP-41 and others. My PDA is now many times more useful!" - Denis Bourdeau, Director of Engineering, Matrix-5 Technologies, Inc.

MathU Pro Proogrammable RPN Calculator

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Programmable RPN Calculator for Palm OS

Our customers love MathU Pro. Read what customers have to say about the MathU Pro programmable RPN calculator.

MathU Pro 4.2.5 $44.95
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MathU Pro Reviews/Testimonials

Overall Ratings for MathU Pro:
PalmGear, Handango

MathU Pro Reviews posted to PalmGear:

10-Mar-02 by Kevin Fries
The first time I went to college, I relied on the best calculator I ever owned, an HP-11C. Now a days finding a HP RPN based calculator is slim. Well, now I have the best of both worlds. For the cost of about 1/2 that of a good standalone scientific calculator, I bought the MathUPro. Best of all, I do not have to carry around yet another electronic device! Now I am back in college again, and in a way, I have my trusty 11C. Now if only someone would create a graphing module for this bad boy, I would really be happy.

28-Mar-01 by Jason Sprenger
MathUPro puts me in my comfort zone and then some. Having a lot of functions available through the "keys" that fingers can press, is massively important for me as I don't care to pick up a stylus to use a "calculator". Programming is easy and the debugger is very welcome for involved formulas. At last, my 80's vintage HP can finally retire. This is a very well done program.

20-Nov-00 by Steve Bilz
I've spent a bit of time with this program and am really impressed. I found it very easy to go from an HP RPN calculator to this and be able to program right away. It is VERY intuitive if you have some RPN programming experience. Why only 3 stars? The price! If it was half this price, I'd pay in a minute (no, a second!). I cannot justify paying this much for MathU Pro. In Canada, this costs over $50... It's a shame... if the price of MathU Pro is ever dropped significantly in price, I'd DEFINITELY buy it.

16-Sep-00 by Robert Lefferts
I just completed a 900 line program using MathU Pro that used 360 values in a lookup table to implement Berkely's BSIM3 semiconductor device model for a whole set of devices. While it is tedious to program HP41CV style, my resulting program is Way Cool. While I recommend MathU Pro as an EXCELLENT RPN calculator, this review is really to let everyone know that Clay Thompson @ CreativeCreek provides AWESOME support. I ran into a problem & submitted an e-mail. Expecting nothing, I was blown away when he CALLED me and then after I sent him my program he sent me a fix the next morning. Clay, you honor the spirit of Palm Computing. My hat off to you, and I recommend MathU Pro to all. Awesome!

27-May-00 by Peter Guettinger
You're looking for a reason to buy a palm pilot? Here it is. Well done!

27-Mar-00 by Herbert Kanner
MathU Pro is a programmable RPN calculator that brings back memories of the HP 41 and 42 series. It uses a four-deep stack whose members are, not surprisingly, named x, y, z, and t. In the style of recent HP calculators, most of the keys are triple purpose, there being "up shift" and "down shift" buttons for choosing alternate functions. There are twenty global registers, ten of which are directly accessible. The remaining ten, earmarked for statistical functions and time value of money, are accessible by swapping them with the first ten. Programs, additionally, have access to 1044 local (and persistent) registers, each. The first twenty-six are directly accessible to the program; the remaining 998 can be accessed by indirect addressing. A pop-up list enables the user to select a program file, one of which is a dummy and represents the default behavior of the calculator. A program file may contain more than one program. Each entry point is defined by a special type of label which associates it with a shifted key, and a user-determined legend is placed on the corresponding key top. Thus, a user can easily create a program file that replaces the default functions of a shifted key by any other function in the vocabulary. The program sequence is trivial: a special label that assigns a name to a key, the name of the desired function, and a "return" statement. Programs are delightfully easy to write or edit. One window has the program; another has the list of available commands. Commands can be dragged from the second window to the first, can be dragged about in the program window, and can be duplicated, deleted, etc. at the touch of a button. When a command which as an argument is selected, either an insertion field appears for the writing of a string, or a pop-up list of alternatives is presented. Having said all that, I must warn that writing a serious program is not for the faint-hearted. Anyone who has had experience programming the HP 41/42 series will know what I mean. There are a few other criticisms of the product that come to mind; however, correspondence with the author indicates that possibly those issues might be addressed in a forthcoming version. There is no provision for single-stepping a program. There is no provision for a program simply halting for display of results, and resuming at the touch of a key. Finally, numbers are displayed to only ten digits despite the underlying 16-digit arithmetic. The bottom line is a strong recommendation. I have re-assigned the silk-screen button to make it my default calculator, displacing Parens. I have a personal preference for RPN.

01-Mar-00 by David McIntyre
As a long time user of the HP48GX, I find the MATHU Pro, a really decent addition to my computational arsenal. The best calculator is the one you have with you. This program provides that capability when I don't have my HP with me.

07-Dec-99 by Francois Vignon
A must if you are a HP calculators lover (like HP 41c). With this product, I find all I like: it's easy to make programs, assigning new function to key, adding user function, switching from a keymap dedicated to a work to another keymap for another job, etc. (a good think: you can use you finger, it's a small number of big keys, so you can use it naturally)

MathU Pro Reviews posted to Handango:

04-Apr-04 Replaced 3 separate devices and more...  A reviewer from Manchester, NH
This nifty little application replaced my 11C, 12C, and 16C, and then some because it does even more than all of them combined - in one package! In addition to the fact that the built-in functions are extensive, it actually displays the various program entry points on the keys to which you assign them - no more cheat sheets. This comes with a great little editor application as well. It manages all your programs and automatically makes them available with a tap or two. I can't say enough good things about this package. The docs are extensive and well-written. If you've been lugging around both your "hue-py" and your handheld because you haven't been able to part with your calculator, you owe it to yourself to try this.

24-Apr-03 Solid, Excellent, Reliable Performance : Well worth price. Peter Lacey
I started with HP programmable calculators years ago and have owned an HP21, 32s, and a series of HP41Cs. Wrote several elaborate programs for the HP41, including a program that predicted the speed vs. time/distance curve for a ship hull being end launched. Hundreds of lines and a dozen or so subroutines---proved accurate when compared to measurements though. Wish I had the ease of programming features embedded in the MathU Pro Edit program. Creative Creek's porting of the HP interface is superb, and captures the quality and dependability of the original calculators. I've retired my HP calculators for this Palm rendition, which is a superset of the original calculators. Appreciate the flawless execution of the MathU Pro program---have never experienced one bug. This reliability is well worth the price, as I am using it to support the design of multi-billion dollar offshore oil development projects. Can highly recommend this product as one of the most useful and polished that exists for the Palm. Also, the author is quite speedy in replying to questions. I've tried all the HP emulators for the Palm, and there is basically no competition.

30-Mar-03 Exceptional RPN programmable calculator.  A reviewer from Auckland, New Zealand
MathU Pro is the closest thing to using a real HP calculator that you will find. It looks very much like an HP (especially with the Blue-Gold skin) and behaves just like one, sometimes better than the real thing. It has something of the feel of an HP-15C (thanks to the vertical Enter key and the many scientific functions) but adds all the important financial functions from a 12C, and even has an option to see 2 stack levels on the display (X and Y, just like the wonderful but defunct HP-42S). That it's highly programmable as well is extraordinary. The author is very responsive to suggestions and actually implemented two of my suggestions (I suppose others might have suggested the same things too but still...). Your own programs integrate smoothly and easily onto the keypad, and you can define multiple custom key layouts. MathU Pro has worked flawlessly for me on a Palm V, a Palm m505, and on my new Tungsten T. I can't speak highly enough of this calculator which I regard as an honorary HP. Buy it. Right now.

02-Oct-02 Sure beats an HP for price and availability.  A reviewer from Elyria, OH
My HP48 developed some keyboard problems (+-*/ quit working). Since I've been using RPN HP calculators since the HP35, I called HP. They suggested the exchange program. For only $85 I could exchange it for a used one, or for $135 (including a 10% discount), I could get a new one. So, for about $35 and a couple minutes to download and set up, I got all the functions I need. Excellent product - good instructions and easy to use.

17-July-02 Great Calculator that expands on the flexibility of an HP. A reviewer from Saint Charles, Illinois
I purchased this calculator after a colleague recommended it at work. I thought it expensive until I began putting it to use. It does everything it says it does, and has never crashed. It's a snip to program, and the programmable key overlays expand on the flexibility of an HP. Support is terrific. One is almost treated as a family member.

13-Apr-02 I've used RPN calculators for 24 years R.B. Young from Moscow, ID
MathU Pro functions very well, is easy to program, and is the _only_ rpn calculator that I have used that has not caused a memory fault on my PalmIIIc. Anybody that thinks 34 bucks is expensive hasn't bought a professional H* calculator. Try the demo, Get out your CC (assuming you have one) and buy it! YES, add custom color sets!

20-Jan-02 Great Calculator for the Palm! A reviewer from Dallas, Texas
I've used HP RPN calculators for years and it's difficult to use any other kind of calculator. MathU nicely emulates my old HPs and they are now collecting dust. I've reprogrammed the calculator button to go to MathU and I use it almost daily.

17-Nov-00 Does everything it says... A reviewer from Huntsville, AL
This is the definitive RPN calculator for this year's discriminating techno-junkie. I like the pre-defined color schemes, but I'd like to have the capability to define my own in a future release. Layout, functionality, and programmability are superb. Just get out your credit card and do it!

MathU Pro Customer Testimonials:

Steven Crews
I just wrote my first significant program for the MathU calculator, and that I am a very satisfied customer. MathUPro is rapidly turning into my favorite Palm OS app.

John Brendler
This is one of the most powerful, truly useful, and well-engineered applications available for the PalmOS. I haven't been this jazzed about a calculator since I bought my original HP-11c back in 1984.

Todd Folmsbee
GREAT program. I use it every day at work.

Gary Wiese
I just wanted to say how much I like MathUPro; it's like having an HP with me all the time. I use the programming feature all the time, much easier to program than the HP's. I have MathUPro on all four of my Palms. It's well worth the money.

Dan Vincent
MathU Pro is the most useful Palm program I own

Daniel H Lee
I just wanted to thank you for MathU Pro. Since the last time I emailed you, I've written a number of programs and I think MathU Pro is excellent software. I would recommend it to anyone who is seriously into an RPN calculator. Bravo!!!!!!!! Now there is really is no reason to use my HP-41! 

John Triplett
Mathu Pro is an excellent program. Worth every penny. The perfect integration of an HP 41cv and a pda. I have a 48, 42s, and a 41cx and the only thing i'm doing with them now is converting the programs over to Mathu Pro. Thank you for an excellent product.

Denis Bourdeau, Director of Engineering, Matrix-5 Technologies, Inc.
Had to write just to say that am very pleased with how well your MathU Pro package is designed and operates. Also, I found your website and online ordering lots better than the 'average'. The principals in our firm are fond of HP scientific calculators and we feel you continue in the spirit of their approach in the HP-41 and others. My SONY CLIE is now many times more useful! Keep up the good work! We'll tell our associates about your products.

Thomas H. Belstler
I have owned MathU Pro for several years and wish to tell you that I am extremely pleased with it. I use it every day of the week both at home and at work. I tried several other calculators before I found this one and none could come close to the features and reliability (I never have to worry about what's happening to my calculations when I do a 1/x or sin(x) as I used to have to do with some of the other calculators) It fits into my shirt pocket (my HP doesn't) and provides me with a powerful scientific calculator wherever I am. Once again, thanks for a marvelous product. And it is also very well priced. An outstanding value for the money.

MathU Pro user
My favorite HP calculator since HP 25, is MathU Pro.

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