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One Plus One Algebraic Calculator for Palm OS

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Advanced Scientific and Financial Calculator for Palm OS

One Plus One™ is software that turns your Palm OS handheld computer into a full featured standard algebraic scientific and financial calculator. Compute mortgage and loan terms. Take advantage of the many powerful scientific functions. more info...

One Plus One 2.3.4 $9.95
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One Plus One Reviews/Testimonials

Overall Ratings for One Plus One: Palm Gear

One Plus One Reviews posted to PalmGear:

26-Apr-01 by benjamin hayden
This is the calculator i call my savior. Algebra class was heck without a sufficient calculator. Thank You!

04-Dec-99 by Stephen Lee
Fire up the One Plus One program and the first thing you will notice is the solid design which reminds you of an HP or TI calculator of yesteryear. The buttons are huge and the functions clear to the eye. (By the way, you can choose to reverse the button colors and have white instead, great for those with screen contrast problems). Full review at

17-Nov-99 by Phil Straus
Terrific calculator. It's helped clean up both my desk and my darkroom surfaces, since I can now put away two handheld calculators. The new black on white keys is a big help for visibility.

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