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"The principals in our firm are fond of HP scientific calculators and we feel you continue in the spirit of their approach in the HP-41 and others. My PDA is now many times more useful!" - Denis Bourdeau, Director of Engineering, Matrix-5 Technologies, Inc.

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MathU Pro is also available for Palm OS

MathU Pro RPN calculator for Windows Mobile

MathU Pro™ 4.2

Programmable RPN Calculator
for Windows Mobile

MathU Pro™ is software that turns your WIndows Mobile™ handheld into an advanced RPN programmable calculator. Supports the Windows Mobile based Palm Treos as well as high resolution devices like the HTC tilt! It is designed to work like a standalone calculator only better. Create your own programs and assign them to any key. More info...

MathU Pro 4.2.0 $44.95
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Determine loan and mortgage terms
Solve math, engineering, and science problems
Customize the keyboard to match your needs
Perform Polar/Rectangular conversions
Work in hexadecimal, octal, and binary
Share your programs with friends
Add your own functions

MathU Pro Programmable RPN Calculator for WIndows MobileWhat is MathU Pro?

MathU Pro is a state-of-the-art programmable Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) scientific and financial calculator for Windows Mobile handheld computers. It is made for professionals like you. With MathU Pro, you can harness the numerical power of the Windows Mobile handheld computer to solve your computational problems.

MathU Pro for Windows Mobile is based on the popular MathU Pro calculator for Palm OS. Because of this, the MathU Pro programs from either the Palm OS or Windows Mobile versions are compatible with each other.

MathU Pro has over a hundred built-in functions and more can be added via MathU Pro programs. It is so easy to program, you can fully customize the keyboard to fit the way you work. All calculations are done in double precision (about 16 digits of accuracy). Programs are easy to write using the included editor and debugger. You can share your programs with friends and colleagues.

MathU Pro Programmable RPN Calculator for Treo 700wPersonalize your copy of MathU Pro. Choose from six different keyboard color schemes (two for B&W devices). Now supports high resolution, landscape and square screen Windows Mobile devices.

Full documentation for MathU Pro is available from the Creative Creek web site.

Check out the user contributed programs.

Main features

  • Full set of scientific functions
  • Integrated time value of money (TVM) financial functions
  • Powerful equation solver and root finder
  • Programs are written in an easy to learn keystroke-like language. Any entry point in a program can be assigned to a key on the keyboard.
  • Quickly switch between programs via a popup menu on the main screen.
  • Drag & drop programming in the editor.
  • Visual debugger.
  • Assign your program functions to any key on the keyboard.
  • Popup list of all the built-in functions on main keyboard
  • Double precision accuracy.
  • Supports high resolution devices and devices with square screens
  • 16 element stack
  • 119 built-in functions (including 5 financial functions and 8 statistical functions)
  • 1044 memory registers (20 are global and 1024 are persistent and local to each program).
  • Programs can contain up to 32000 lines, 255 labels, 255 strings (for CONST and SHOW) and can access up to 1024 variables, 20 global registers and the 16 element stack.

Programs from the Windows Mobile and Palm OS version of MathU Pro are interchangable.

What's new in Version 4.2?

MathU Pro 4.2.0 adds a new layouts for tall, wide and landscape devices. The menu fonts have also been increased to make them easier to select using your finger. A minor bug was also fixed in the AND, OR, and XOR functions when acting on negative numbers, the functions now correctly truncate to the chosen wordsize.

MathU Pro 4.1.5 was a bug fix release to improve support for QVGA devices (320x320 devices) like the Palm Treo for Windows Mobile

MathU Pro 4.1.2 adds support for more high resolution Windows Mobile 6 devices including 320x320 devices (like the Treo).

MathU Pro 4.1.0 was a major release that includes all the changes made to MathU Pro for Palm OS versions 3.0 through 4.1. The biggest change is the inclusion of the equation solver and root finder that was introduced in the Palm OS version.

MathU Pro 4.2.0 is a free update for registered MathU Pro for Pocket PC users. Users of the Palm version should purchase the MathU Pro 4.2.0 for Windows Mobile Upgrade.

User Contributed Programs

User contributed programs for MathU Pro are available on the Creative Creek Web Site. Submit your programs or download one to use with MathU Pro!

System Requirements

MathU Pro for Windows Mobile requires Windows Mobile 5 or higher including devices running Windows Mobile Pressional edition. In general, MathU Pro for Windows Mobile works on any Windows Mobile handheld device that has a touch screen including the Windows Mobile Palm Treos, the iPaq, HTC touch and Dell Axim.

MathU Pro will not run on devices running the Smartphone version or the Windows Mobile Standard edition (usually found on devices without a touch screen).

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