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"My favorite HP calculator since the HP 25, is MathU Pro." - Sven Onnerstad

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MathU Pro RPN calculator for Windows Mobile

MathU Pro™ 4.2 Add-ons

Programmable RPN Calculator
for Windows Mobile

The MathU Pro RPN Calculator is expandable. Purchase an add-on program or download one of the free user contributed programs. Or just write your own programs using the built-in editor and debugger.

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Add-ons for MathU Pro

Mortgage Program Add-on for use with MathU Pro

The Mortgage program adds new functions to MathU Pro to help you compute and compare mortgage terms. The Mortgage program works with both the Palm OS and Pocket PC version of MathU Pro. More info ...

Download and try the Mortgage Program free for 7 days.

Mortgage Program Add-on 1.2 $5.00
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User Contributed Programs

Check out the collection of free user contributed programs for MathU Pro. Share your programs. Contribute programs you have written.

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