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"The principals in our firm are fond of HP scientific calculators and we feel you continue in the spirit of their approach in the HP-41 and others. My PDA is now many times more useful!" - Denis Bourdeau, Director of Engineering, Matrix-5 Technologies, Inc.

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MathU Pro is also available for Palm OS

MathU Pro RPN calculator for Windows Mobile

MathU Pro™ 4.2

Programmable RPN Calculator
for Windows Mobile

MathU Pro™ is software that turns your WIndows Mobile™ handheld into an advanced RPN programmable calculator. Supports the Windows Mobile based Palm Treos as well as high resolution devices like the HTC tilt! It is designed to work like a standalone calculator only better. Create your own programs and assign them to any key. More info...

MathU Pro 4.2.0 $44.95
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MathU Pro™ RPN Calculator for Windows Mobile

Product Benefits

MathU Pro Main Screen

Main Screen

MathU Pro Editor Screen

Program Editor with drag and drop makes creating programs an easy and visual experience.

MathU Pro Debugger Screen

Debugger helps you find bugs and verify the correctness of your programs.

A Joy To Use

  • A real calculator for your Windows Mobile device
  • Have your calculator with you. No need to carry two devices.
  • Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) helps you solve even the most complicated problems with confidence
  • Designed to make your computations easy
  • Programmable: Automate common calculations
  • MathU Pro language is powerful yet simple to use
  • Customizable: Choose from many color themes
  • Assign functions to any key
  • Exceptional Support

Solve Problems

  • Let the calculator do the work for you. Create programs for common calculations.
  • Visual editor and debugger makes programming easy
  • Fast MathU Pro interpreter is faster than most standalone calculators

Powerful and Accurate

  • IEEE double precision provides 16 digits of accuracy
  • Uses the very best algorithms
  • Verify correctness of your programs with the debugger
  • Over a thousand registers provide space for your data
  • Supports over 100 scientific and financial functions

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