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"The principals in our firm are fond of HP scientific calculators and we feel you continue in the spirit of their approach in the HP-41 and others. My PDA is now many times more useful!" - Denis Bourdeau, Director of Engineering, Matrix-5 Technologies, Inc.

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MathU Pro is also available for Palm OS

MathU Pro RPN calculator for Windows Mobile

MathU Pro™ 4.2

Programmable RPN Calculator
for Windows Mobile

MathU Pro™ is software that turns your WIndows Mobile™ handheld into an advanced RPN programmable calculator. Supports the Windows Mobile based Palm Treos as well as high resolution devices like the HTC tilt! It is designed to work like a standalone calculator only better. Create your own programs and assign them to any key. More info...

MathU Pro 4.2.0 $44.95
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Download and try MathU Pro free for 15 days. The trial version is fully functional for 15 days. Purchase a registration code to unlock. Download the CAB files ( if you use Linux or Mac OS or if you have trouble running the Windows desktop-based installer (

MathU Pro 4.2 for Windows Mobile

Description Version Installer for File Download Size
MathU Pro 4.2.0 for Windows Mobile 4.2.0 Windows Download 1.2 M
MathU Pro 4.2.0 for Windows Mobile 4.2.0 All Download 776 K
MathU Pro 4.2 Documentation 4.2 All Download 496 K

User Contributed Programs

Check out the collection of user contributed programs for MathU Pro. Contribute programs you have written.