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MathU Pro Reviews

PalmGear, Handango

04-Apr-04 Replaced 3 separate devices and more... A reviewer from Manchester, NH
This nifty little application replaced my 11C, 12C, and 16C, and then some because it does even more than all of them combined - in one package! In addition to the fact that the built-in functions are extensive, it actually displays the various program entry points on the keys to which you assign them - no more cheat sheets. This comes with a great little editor application as well. It manages all your programs and automatically makes them available with a tap or two. I can't say enough good things about this package. The docs are extensive and well-written. If you've been lugging around both your "hue-py" and your handheld because you haven't been able to part with your calculator, you owe it to yourself to try this.

30-Mar-03 Exceptional RPN programmable calculator. A reviewer from Auckland, New Zealand
MathU Pro is the closest thing to using a real HP calculator that you will find. It looks very much like an HP (especially with the Blue-Gold skin) and behaves just like one, sometimes better than the real thing. It has something of the feel of an HP-15C (thanks to the vertical Enter key and the many scientific functions) but adds all the important financial functions from a 12C, and even has an option to see 2 stack levels on the display (X and Y, just like the wonderful but defunct HP-42S). That it's highly programmable as well is extraordinary. The author is very responsive to suggestions and actually implemented two of my suggestions (I suppose others might have suggested the same things too but still...). Your own programs integrate smoothly and easily onto the keypad, and you can define multiple custom key layouts. MathU Pro has worked flawlessly for me on a Palm V, a Palm m505, and on my new Tungsten T. I can't speak highly enough of this calculator which I regard as an honorary HP. Buy it. Right now.

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MathU Reviews

Palm Gear Handango

31-Dec-03 by Michael Chan
This is the definitive Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator. The author must have owned a Hewlett Packard RPN calculator because the resemblance of look and virtual feel (I can't just say feel, can I?) is uncanny.
Well done.

17-Sep-03 by Robert Iversen
I have completely replaced my PDA calculator with this one. This is a much have if you like Reverse Polish Notation. Because I used my HP 11C all through high school and college, this was no brainer. Great App!

24-Mar-03 RPN Calculator enthusiasts, get this software! James Moon from Tampa, Florida
I am a very harsh critic when it comes to using HP Calculator emulators. This little gem is the best I've seen on any platform. I have seamlessly integrated this calculator into my calculation chores, and no longer automatically reach for one of my real HP calculators. I love this will too. It is a bargain at any price. Get it now before the author gets greedy! :)

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One Plus One Reviews

Palm Gear

26-Apr-01 by benjamin hayden
This is the calculator i call my savior. Algebra class was heck without a sufficient calculator. Thank You!

04-Dec-99 by Stephen Lee
Fire up the One Plus One program and the first thing you will notice is the solid design which reminds you of an HP or TI calculator of yesteryear. The buttons are huge and the functions clear to the eye. (By the way, you can choose to reverse the button colors and have white instead, great for those with screen contrast problems). Full review at

17-Nov-99 by Phil Straus
Terrific calculator. It's helped clean up both my desk and my darkroom surfaces, since I can now put away two handheld calculators. The new black on white keys is a big help for visibility.

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RootM Reviews

David Trumper
What a great program! I've used HP calculators since the mid-70's and really love what you've created. RootM is really the best program on my PDA. The direct inclusion of complex numbers is exactly what I've needed in a calculator.

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