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RootM Complex Number Calculator for Palm OS

RootM™ 1.2

Complex Number RPN Calculator for Palm OS

RootM™ is software that turns your PalmOS handheld computer into a complex number RPN calculator. The software has a natural calculator interface that allows you to easily enter imaginary numbers and access the many scientific functions. Sqrt(-1) or asin(2) are valid computations, producing complex results.

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Work with imaginary and complex numbers
Solve math, engineering, and science problems
Perform Polar/Rectangular conversions
Work in hexadecimal, octal, and binary
Determine loan and mortgage terms

RootM Complex Number RPN calculator

What is RootM?

RootM is an RPN scientific calculator for the Palm OS that natively supports computations containing imaginary numbers. This means that sqrt(-1) or asin(2) are valid computations, producing complex results. Complex numbers can be entered in real/imag format or mag/phase format in a straightforward way. Quickly switch between real/imag and phasor (mag/phase) displays. RootM has a 16 high stack and 20 memory registers -- all of which can store complex results.

RootM is an advanced scientific and financial calculator too. RootM has functions to compute loan and mortgage terms and well as simple statistics. The keyboard is packed with functions and more are available via the pop-up menu. In total, RootM has 85 scientific, financial, statistical, and number base functions.

Technical specifications

  • Full set of scientific functions
  • Integrated time value of money (TVM) financial functions
  • Easy complex number input
  • Personalizable color keyboard enhanced for high resolution devices
  • Two line stack display
  • Supports color, grayscale, and B&W devices.
  • Pop-up list of all the built-in functions on main keyboard
  • Double precision accuracy (about 16 decimal digits)
  • Full IEEE range 2.3e-308 to 1.7e+308
  • 16 element stack
  • 85 built-in functions (including 36 complex valued functions, 5 financial functions and 8 statistical functions)
  • Hex, oct, and bin conversions
  • 20 memory registers

Full documentation for RootM is available from the Creative Creek web site.

What is new in Version 1.2?

Version 1.2.3 adds:

  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.2 added:

  • Palm Security app compatibility.
  • 5-way navigator support.
  • Treo specific features.
  • Beamable trial.

Version 1.1 added:

  • Optimized for Palm OS 5.0 and high resolution devices
  • New high resolution keypad!

RootM 1.2.3 is a free update for registered RootM 1.x users.

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System Requirements

RootM requires Palm OS 3.0 or higher and 212K of RAM.

RootM works on any handheld device that is running PalmOS 3.0 or higher including all Palm handhelds, the Tungsten, Zire, Treo, Centro, the Sony CLIE, the HandEra, and the IBM Workpad.

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