• I can't find the documentation

    The documentation is available from the Creative Creek web site. The documentation (MathU.htm, MathUPro.htm, RootM.htm, or one_one.htm) must be read using an Internet browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer.

  • MathLib flagged as incompatible by the Treo installer

    The Treo installer indicates that the MathLib library is not compatible. The reason for the message may be because the Treo as well as all Handspring devices have MathLib pre-installed in ROM. Even so, we have installed MathLib on Handspring devices including the Treo without problems. In fact, we have noticed that the library included with our products can produce slightly better results in some circumstances. Because of this, we recommend that all users install the MathLib.prc that is included with our products on all Palm OS devices including the Treo.

  • Accessing memory locations using loops

    The key is to use indirect STO/RCL. An indirect STO/RCL uses the value in the target register as the address of the register you want to change. For instance, if K contains the address of another register than a STO indirect K (shown as STO (K) in the editor) will store the value of X into the register addressed by the value in K.

    You may also want look into the DECR and INCR functions. These were designed to make FOR type loops easier to implement. If you can arrange for the loop to run backwards (or if you keep track of the number of elements left in another register) you can use the DECR EXIT if zero to leave the loop.

    Here is an example MathU Pro program that displays the values in a vector that is stored in registers 100 through 109. K is the loop index and C is the number of elements left to display.

        label vec
        sto K
        sto C
          rcl (K)
          incr K
          decr C exit
        end loop
  • Other Problems

    If you don't see a solution to your problem here, send e-mail via our contact form with a description of the problem and we will try to help you.

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